About Me

Grainne Gahan

Hey, I’m Gráinne Gahan (Grá) and I write Laugh or Cry to help me offload from the stresses of life which will make or break me.
I’m from Ireland, more importantly, Limerick, and have been living in Dublin since 2006 with my fantastic husband. We have a crazy, lovable, manipulative 4-year-old girl and a daredevil 2-year-old boy. I work in software development as a product manager and love it, but I do struggle with racing home in time for crèche pick-up every day:-)
I’ve been very fortunate to have traveled the world with work: Brazil, Philippines, America (North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Oregon), Cameroon and Kenya, and even more countries with my family: plenty of Europe, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Canada. Travelling has opened my eyes and mind to so many great people, cultures and food.
I’ve blogged several times before, grasrambles, picsbygra, grastravels, charlietellsall and have recently found myself missing the fun of penning all the funny incidents of what’s going on in our lives.
Laugh or Cry came about when I was pregnant for the second time and unfortunately had reduced mobility due to issues with my pelvis. It became increasingly hard for me to sit still and keep myself occupied while keeping my head above water dealing with every day pain. So it was time for a new project… like my mum I’m a complete hobbyholic!!!! The house is filled with supplies for flower arranging, art classes, triathlon gear, photography….. my husband is only delighted 😉
So this time round for my new hobby had to not be dependent on standing or walking and also not bring any more physical equipment into the house. Hence blogging. (surely I can reuse some of the flower arranging and photography supplies which will justify the new flooring in the attic)
On Laugh or Cry I’ll share with you everyday issues/stories from parenting, working world, home life and everything else, any tips or tricks I’ve learned along the way and hopefully a few giggles.
If you’ve anything to share or chat about why not catch me on twitter @laughorcry_ie or follow me on laughorcry_ie